Inspect test & Maintain


Industrial Fire Suppression System Inspections

Our technicians inspect, test & maintain all types off industrial fire suppression systems to include foam systems, large dry chemical systems, water spray/cooling systems. 

Foam Chamber Inspections

Our technicians inspect, test  & maintain  semi-fixed and fixed foam suppression systems on bulk fuel storage tanks.  

Fire Pump Inspections

Our Technicians  inspect, test & maintain electric & diesel fire pumps. 

Deluge System Inspections

Our Technicians inspect, test & maintain  deluge systems and associated equipment.   Total Industrial Solutions also offers an option for a safer, environmentally friendly Dry Deluge Vapor Testing technology that does not require the need to flow water annually.  

Detection & Control Systems

Our technicians inspect, test & maintain fire control panels and  all types flame detection systems.

Foam Proportion Testing

Our technicians perform foam proportioning test. Total Industrial Solutions offers an environmentally responsible optional water equivalency proportioning test  that does not require the flow of fire fighting foam annually. This will decrease the chance of introducing PFAS chemicals from the firefighting foam into the environment.